I was wondering if anyone could give a rough daily budget for travelling south america

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I know Each country have big differences but just looking for a rough idea.

Thank you in advance

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Our family of 3 did 7 weeks in Peru with $125/day average. Colombia seems to be a little cheaper for us, closer to $100/day. Eating out, private rooms, activities/tours every week or so, buses between cities.

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Depends on the country, bare bones 30usd in the cheap countries, Chile, Uruguay, even Brazil probably closer to 40usd this is with a VERY TIGHT budget.

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We stayed 1 month in Perù (2 adults and 1 kid) and we spent around 2000 euros. we stayed in the cheapest hotels, cheapest food (many times we cooked our own meals), we bought few things (let's say we spent 200 euros for this), we visited only 3 cities (Lima, chiclayo, mancora), only 1 tour... No parties, few drinks outside... I still don't get how we spent so much, but we did it!

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That's a very general question. It would be hard for someone to answer that for you.
Some questions that you should ask yourself:
  • Will you be renting a monthly apartment? If so, will it be for just 1 month (short term) or longer?
  • Will you be traveling around to different cities within a country, while staying at hotels?
  • Will you be staying in hostels?
  • Will you be doing many tours (paid)?
  • Will you be eating at high end restaurants?
  • Will you be eating at small shops?
  • Will you be cooking your own meals?
  • Do you like drinking (alcohol)?
  • Do you like to party?
  • Will you be going out every night?
  • Will you be going out every day?
  • How will you be traveling within the cities?
  • Public transportation?
  • Taxi?
  • Personal rentals?
  • How many countries you plan on visiting?
  • Will you be crossing borders by land?
  • How much is a bus ticket to cross the border?
  • Will you be flying?
  • How much is a plane ticket?
Traveling could be very cheap (less than $500 per month) or very expensive (more than $1000 per day).

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Look online in the lonely planet travel book and it will give you the information for every country.
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