Some thoughts shouldn't be put down on paper

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I guess some thoughts, no matter how radical or exquisite they may seem... shouldn't be put down on paper nor anywhere for the entirety to consume.

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Definitely, sometimes I find myself deleting my writing because I realize that

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Salman Rushdie...he's not in such horrible shape because he played it safe. His thoughts were radical to the wrong group of people who read them.

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It depends wether your book is also your truth and wether you want your truth read. In my case I put absolutely everything bar one detail in my autobiography because a) it was cathartic and healing to purge it all out for the world to read, and b) an autobiography is a lesson to others. How can you advocate for others by holding back on every or some of the ugliness in your personality?

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It all depends on YOUR audience. You'd be surprised, shocked, and appalled at what resonates with some people. Put those thoughts on paper just be mindful of who'd want to read those thoughts . . . actually work like this could be interpreted as magical fiction . . . that is a genre that appeals to more people than you might think . . .
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