Do you guys have any recommendations of how many liters bag I should buy?

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Hi!, I’m going for backpacking and staying about 4 months, do you guys have any recommendations of how many liters bag I should buy?

I was thinking of 80L, but I heard that’s too much, what do you think?

Post by Laurine »

I think 55/65 L is more than enough.

Post by Mon »

If you want to enjoy your trip, I recommend a 40-liter and an auxiliary 20, maximum 30. There are things you can get on the road and even cheaper, in case you need it. But it depends on what type of traveler you are, if you are going camping, you will need more space.

Post by Petra »

45 L is enough. If you want camping gear, most tours provide that for you or otherwise there are shops where you can rent things. That way you don't have to waste a ton of space for camping gear.

Post by Nicholas »

I share an 85l between myself and 5yo son and it is sufficient. Really it depends on what climates you plan to be in and if you need your own gear. Many countries have great prices but sometimes lack quality on gear. I think a 45l is good for 1 person, just keep space for tennis shoes, wear your hiking boots and buy sandals along the way.

Post by Kelly »

I travel the world with a 30liter and it feels like too much!

Post by Darrin »

It's not the litres but the weight of the pack and getting used to walking around all day with it on your back. General rule 20 percent of your body weight.1-day hikes 7 days require more supplies. Have fun and remember you don't have to eat every day.

Post by Linda »

Depends a lot of what type of trip you are planning. I’ve been traveling with my 35l (on some airlines it’s a ”personal item”) for 6 months now. Also have a 9l ”day bag” but on travel days it’s inside the big one (unless I'm carrying a lot of snacks). I feel like 40-50l should be enough if you’re not carrying a tent/sleeping bag etc!

Post by Nika »

I just set off for my 4 months in Latin America with 27-liter backpack. It's convenient because I don't have to pay for extra luggage on the flights and honestly, it's more than enough for me. worst case if I need anything - I'll buy

Post by Sotaro »

I go with a 60 liter bag. I work online and need to carry extra cables and computer equipment. I also skateboard so I attach that to the back of my bag. Safe to say, I am carrying a heavy load lol. I've been doing it for 8 years and I don't think I could personally do less than 60 liters.

Post by Paula »

I think if you take a bigger one there’s the tendency of wanting to fill it. I did 6 weeks of Chile and Bolivia this year with 35l and 8kg. Had everything I needed + the advantage of being able to take is as carry on luggage. But it really depends where you going and if you want to bring camping stuff etc.

Post by Katrin »

No matter if it’s 5 days or 6 month I travel with 32l hand luggage which is Around 8-10kg. I don’t wanna guess how much 80 l might be and how that feels on my back.

I prefer to have all my things with me all the time especially after my luggage was lost a couple of time before traveling light.

Post by Isabella »

40L is the maximum size for carry on usually, which makes it very practical because you don't have to pay for extra luggage usually and faster at the airport also, and it's big enough to carry enough stuff. 80L is really too much according to me... you will regret it quite fast after walking at 35C in Central America, and probably half of all your stuff you won't even use it. I've been traveling 5 years full time, and I only have a 40L, if I go in colder countries I just get some warmer clothes in thrift stores for the time I'm there. One thing traveling has taught me is to simplify my 'stuff' (and my life lol). I would say take also a small day pack (10-20L) with you for day trip that is easy to fit into your bigger backpack. But again it really depends what kind of traveller you are and what/where you are planning to do.

Post by Diana »

I did 6 months with a 38L pack, which was great because it meant I never had to check it in anywhere as it was the maximum allowable size for carry on. Managed to take enough with me to withstand 3 degree weather, as well as plenty of summer clothes. Just washed as I went. Good luck with your trip!
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