I'm thinking flying from Brazil at the moment

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Hi everyone!! I was wondering if anyone has some more experience with flying from south America to Australia, and could help me a little with what is the best/easiest way to this! I'm thinking flying from Brazil at the moment, but open for anything as my journey is not planned.

I'm am thinking of going there around the end of feb.

Muchoo gracis..

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I meet Aussies on a flight from NZ to Chile, who saved a whole lot of money flying Sydney, Auckland, Santiago. Via NZ may work for you in Brazil, Santiago ect.

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Think about Air New Zealand with a stop in Auckland (from Santiago).

Post by Katharine »

Getting between south America and Australia has to be one of the worst routes in terms of flight connections 😂 the only direct one is Santiago to Sydney or Melbourne. But it's usually expensive. Other than that the best is usually one connection in LA.

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We fly to Los Angeles than Hawai and from there is you can get a cheap flight with JetStar. By Santiago was to expensive for us.

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Flying from Santiago is easiest, but probably one of the most expensive because it's direct. The longer the journey the cheaper the tickets. I'm looking to fly back to NZ, and the flights are quite expensively until February.

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It's easiest from Santiago (Chile) because QANTAS and LATAM fly from there to Melbourne and Sydney. Every other city you'll have to make a connection or go via Los Angeles.
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