I am planning to do 3 weeks in South America next year

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.. I know this isn’t the longest amount of time but could anyone please help advise the best way to travel to see as much of as many countries as possible in this short time please?

Thank you

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if you want to see as many countries as possible its quite simple.

21 days, there are 12 countries. leave you with 1.5 days per country. with optimization and overnight flights, you should be able to see every capital. will you see the most countries? yes. will you have fun? no.

Therefore, stick to one country and see it properly (3 weeks is not that long so likely you gonna see one region of a country) - Peru is a good start.

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For 3 weeks I'd say just Peru, could maybe add some Bolivia but would be a push.

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I would choose quality over quantity - there’s no point losing half of your 3 weeks travelling from place to place without really enjoying and exploring each destination! Find a few places you’d like to go close to each other and do them well. You’ll have a good excuse to come back another time.
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