What are the quickest way to overcome depression?

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Depression is eating a deeper part of me

What are the quickest way to overcome depression. I need help.

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If you need crisis help I think best to reach out to professional help.

But if you are able to hang in there, what I find helps is to regularly intentionally stop what I am doing for a few minutes, allow thought to pass by, and bring attention to breathe-comes-in, breathe-goes-out. At least every hour I do this.

Depression is hard... but it's not impossible to overcome. May I suggest a book by the name of "The Happiness Trap" by Dr. Russ Harris. It is a self-help book and uses the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy model.

I used this book, and being the skeptic that I was, did not believe it would help. But I read it anyway and it gave me the tools to move forward with my life.

Try to clear your mind of the negative self-talk that comes along with depression and focus on things that usually bring you joy.
I do hope you can get some help. Try professional help or even a counselling line. It's better than doing nothing and it can be a big step forward in your recovery.

This is not a therapy group, and people in here are not therapists. I am a therapist and having witnessed your previous post regarding depression, and suicide ideation, my one and only piece of advice to you is to seek professional help outside of this forum. Go and talk with your GP about how you are feeling and ask that you are referred to a counsellor / therapist. Ask for an assessment for depression and be honest with your answers so you can get the right level of support.

Wishing you all the best to get well soon.

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