Do you know what Google takes into consideration to show the stars underneath the listing?

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Hey guys! I'm a web designer who knows a little SEO, I'm definitely not an SEO expert. I can answer most of my clients' questions, but occasionally, like today, I get an interesting one.

I was contacted by a potential client who wants to have a redesign. He said his biggest issue right now are the stars from Google not showing up under his search results. He's a doctor, he has lots of great google reviews (his GMB listing has over 170 5-star reviews, better than anyone else in his area), but his actual organic Google listing doesn't show the stars underneath. He was asking why, and I didn't know how to answer.

Do you know what Google takes into consideration to show the stars underneath the listing? Googling it has given a few answers - some say it has something to do with Domain Authority, but I'm seeing a lot of really low DA sites that are showing stars.

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Like others said it needs the schema tags setup. You can do it in rank math or several other plugins or manually.

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It's the schema markup! But it does not done for the homepage but it can be for product/service page!

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Google decides with some algorithm which websites show the stars and which ones not. Not much can be done since the reasons are not well known.

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It needs to be a product page and you need to use the relevant review schema with relevant star accumulation. Alternatively third party review platforms have their own scheme built into the widgets.

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This is to do with GPB optimization. Remember, you don't have to be an expert in everything. Just know that redesigning the website won't help optimize their GBP.

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What Kevin says is true. However, if you have city pages (locations you serve), you can get them to show there. For a doctor, I'd add city pages for all those locations that his patients come from or that are close enough they would travel from. I'm not seeing duplicate content on those pages being a problem, but I think it really depends on the quality of content you put there. To be safe, and you should do this anyway, get reviews from those patients in those cities if you can, and then add them to those pages along with the schema. I do this even if my home page is already optimized for my main city. I'll create a city page for that location with different information about the service. Google then will show it as a sublink under the home page link with the review!

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As everyone else said, it's Schema markup. But Google has stated they only want you to markup original reviews submitted through the site. They don't want you repurposing reviews left on other platforms including the Google Business Profile.

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Schema markup, with a dash of dishonesty.

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It’s because Google removed the ability to show gold star review markup for businesses unless it’s marked up as a product schema. To many businesses were marking up their reviews as self-serving. You can still get the gold stars on 3rd party sites….and can for contact pages…but not site wide.
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