What do you say about keyword repetition in URLs?

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[URL structure] I have an exact match domain (EMD). I currently have the URL scheme set as follows:
  • www . handbags . com / handbags /
  • www. handbags . com / women-handbags /
  • www . handbags . com / evening-handbags
Now I read that this structure is completely not OK because of keyword repetition and for the best SEO experience it should look like this:
  • www . handbags . com / women
  • www. handbags . com / evening
What do you guys say about keyword repetition in URLs?

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Since you have an EMD, I would go with the shortest URL structure possible. So no repetition.

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Wow. EMD doesn't really work anymore, and hasn't really worked since the 2000s. I think you're really not focusing on the right things if you're asking this.

It's like if I started a business called "Plumbers near me" thinking it will put me at the top of SERPs. It won't.

What your asking means pretty much nothing in SEO.

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Regarding keyword repetition in URLs.

It matters very little as it is just one of the indicators and actually one of the weaker ones. Also, EMDs lost their significance years ago.

Content, meta, Schema, backlinks, etc are way more important than URL length / repeating the domain name.

Generally speaking you *need* to group your products anyway and should create their own page identity - just make sure to avoid cannibalisation. 🙂

Google has an extensive guide on the subject.

Ps: Imho you should use structure nr1.

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I wouldn’t bother about it in URLs.
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