I have a question about the SILO structure of my future site!

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Theme: Household products

6 Products : Fridges, brooms, furniture, ovens, dishwasher, microwave

1/ Is it better that I make 6 sub-categories with these 6 products:

So for example it would give:
  • Fridges/Reviews
  • Fridges/Articles
  • Fridges/Tutorials
2/ Or it's better to make 3 categories with my content types:
  • Reviews/Frigos
  • Articles/Fridges
  • Tutorials/Fridges
  • Reviews/Ovens
  • Articles/Ovens
  • Tutorials/Ovens

Which solution do you think is best?

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The search intent is fridges

So for me go for

Fridges (page with a section about each of the pages below and a link to each of them)




The search intent is not tutorials nor reviews, the second structure doesn't make sense imo.

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it all depends on exactly how you want to promote your site. The first option involves an emphasis on the list of products, you immediately show which products you are describing. And in this way you will promote the landing pages of individual products (the root of the category). The second option involves an emphasis on content types, that is, you show the user that you specialize in Reviews, instructions and articles. As for promoting the pages of reviews, instructions, etc., it doesn't matter what category they are in. It is important for the search engine to see a logical and understandable structure and each of the options you offer is suitable for effective and adequate promotion.

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  • Home
  • Products
  • Products/Refrigerators
  • Products/Brooms
  • Products/Furniture
  • Products/Ovens
  • Products/Dishwashers
  • Products/Microwaves
  • Articles
  • Tutorials
  • Reviews
  • About
  • Contact
This is if you have product categories. I would have reviews on each specific product page and also internal linking to the product tutorials on the specific product pages.

As mentioned before in the thread, have a primary articles page and tag for the relevant categories.

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Have a Review category and subcategories your products there. Have a Blog category for all the articles and a Tutorial category for all the tutorial.

Let me know if you find it difficult to understand.
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