What is the lesson you write?

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Let's exchange the marbles.. What is the lesson you write?

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Don't try to handle everything yourself. Rely on other people sometimes.

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Don't be duped by opportunists who say they love you then rob you

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Be careful out there, someone in your life might be up to no good.

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Any story that touches on human universals will, no matter the intent of the author, have some sort of meaning attached to it. If that happens in my work, great, but it's never my intention.

I just try to tell what I think is an interesting story the best way I can. I subscribe to the old axiom, "If you want a message, go to Western Union."

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That heroes armed with swords and magic can overcome even the most wicked evil.

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Depends on the book
1) you can learn to give excellent eldercare seniors without sacrificing your health, finances, or relationships.
2) “Love your neighbor as yourself” means loving yourself. You can’t take care of THEM unless you take care of YOU.
3) You might give until it hurts but never until you are damaged. Your needs matter, too.

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