What are the problems you face as a writer?

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What do you have my friend?

Post by Elaine »

Getting started. I’m lazy tbh but I love my book idea. Think about it every day. Would literally take 90 days to write. Non fiction book about cats.

Post by Maria »

Not believing in myself and my ability to write well, being afraid of what my next writing day will be like, being afraid of not being able to finish all my stories.

Post by Lindsey »

I spend way too much time thinking about what I want to write then actually writing it.

Post by Jae »

Having no laptop. It's so hard to type a long sentence on a mobile phone, which sometimes makes me lazy to continue what I am writing.

Post by Stacy »

People judging you for asking questions to feed thought and creativity.

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Doubting myself, rewriting paragraphs that are perfectly fine, restructuring the whole novel because I lose interest in part of the story from constantly rereading and rewriting, despite someone compliment me that they like it, but I feel it could be better.
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