How do you make a really nice beef stew? (Meat and veg?)

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.. So that the gravey is thick and not oily and the veg is just right?

I've bunged all in slow cooker afew times but comes out watery and alot of fat on top.

Money saving as if it sucks then its a waste of ingredients

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Less liquids, leave the lid off for the last hour helps to thicken, also I use thickening granules from Morrisons they help as well.

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I always coat the meat in cornflour. Brown first, then deglaze the pan with a bottle of ale and a stock gel. Add mustard and Worcestershire sauce. Chuck in veg and add a handful of pearl barley. It thickens up the stew and gives it a lovely consistency.

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You have to coat the meat in a bit of flour with spices, like salt, pepper, paprika., then fry a few onions in a little bit oil until soft, then add the meat to sear it off, then transfer it into the slow cocker, at the veg just 45-30 min before the end. Some carrots, potato cubes, parsnip or what ever you like. If it is too watery just ad a bit of instant gravy. Oh forgot, add a bit of water to the pan after you taken the meat out, loosen all the bits and poor it into the slow cooker together with a few cups of water and a beef stock cube.

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I would make a paste at the end of cooking with a couple of tablespoons of cornflour and a little of the excess liquid then pour it back in to the stew and cook until well incorporated. Also try adding a couple of ounces of red lentils or porridge oats when cooking the stew. They will absorb moisture and add thickness.

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I tend to brown the meat, set the meat aside while I soften the veg, then add the meat back and add a couple of tbsp of flour, mix well and cook for a few minutes. Then add your beef stock or whatever liquid you're using and bring to the boil then simmer/put in oven proof dish and bake. The flour thickens it up. Alternatively, cornflour/cornstarch does the trick. Mix and tbsp with a bit of warm water and stir then add to your pot and stir quickly.
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