I wondered if anyone had or previously had dog insurance with Pet Wise or Purely Pet Insurance

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Our current company has put our premium up loads this coming year, making it unaffordable. These two companies are coming up much cheaper, but concerned if its worth taking the risk. Any info, good bad or ugly would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

Ps our dog is an old large breed hence, the expensive premium, but with no existing conditions and currently healthy

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Honestly I’d go with whoever pays out the most for illnesses. Our 7 year old lab has just been diagnosed with cancer in his mouth. The biopsy was £600, the CT scan was £2,300 and the operation is £4000+ our insurance will only cover £4000 per illness per year so we’ve maxed it out.

ETA 4 weeks ago he was perfectly healthy, the he developed a massive lump behind his front teeth it grew 50% in a week. Just came out of nowhere and he’s still in good health apart from the cancer. Wouldn’t be able to tell there’s anything wrong with him

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If your dog has been to the vets for any treatment… that issue will be excluded by next insurer.

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Cheapest not always the best.
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