Take care if you park in Aldi car park

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Someone I know has just been caught in the one in Spennymoor, (co Durham). Don't know exact details, but they have put a time limit on, 40 minutes I think. She'd taken someone disabled to shop, who took too long!


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Wow 40 mins that's not long really is it, most places give about 90 mins.

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Today you just gonna stay in queue for 40 min.

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Does the person not have a blue badge as usually as long as you put the clock up you get longer.

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All they have to do is contact the store manager and explain and show proof they were shopping and the manager can request the parking ticket to be cancelled.

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Wow that doesn't seem like good business. I would go in shop then run out time and just leave my cart full up and just say oops ran over I will have to leave without actually buying anything. If a bunch of people do that and the store has to keep restocking the items and losing customers they will change that limit. I need at least 2 hours for a full shop.

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Was it a legitimate ticket to start with ? 40 mins is nothing ….. this could easily be a scam that’s conning Christmas shoppers and these thing often look quite legitimate these days …… I

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Tell them to email in to Aldi customer service, I got a ticket at my local store a few years back now but I had twins they both decided to have several melt downs that day I explained all this in the email and they dropped the fine 🙂 I actually wasn't expecting them too either.

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Don’t know about the manager sorting I got ticket in Asda went to see manager said car park private nothing to do with them.
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