My mum currently has sky but due to financial difficulties can no longer afford it

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Looking at free sat boxes are there are good ones about worth checking out?

She has no WiFi in the house and her TV only has basic Freeview.

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Freesat is the same as freeView it's just got a few extra American channels. So not really worth getting,

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I pay sky £5 just to keep the box and watch digital channels but you can still record.

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Freesat has a better picture on a number of channels compared to Freeview. If she asks Sky you used to be able to get them to turn the box over to Free to Air. Not sure if they still do that but if you can pick up an old Humax Fox Sat box cheap these are very reliable.

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Humax freesat boxes are great especially those you can record on.

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What’s wrong with just Freeview 70 channels.

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If she has a sky dish and the old box she will still be able to access the free channels on sky. I have a sky dish and old box which I use to watch free programs on.

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I love human freesat. It is expensive to buy though. Just remember not all are recordable. I love it as better quality than freeveiw and I get no bills. I have the recordable one.

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I've got freesat it uses yr sky dish as an aerial, its great you can record things and watch things you've pre recorded. theres also lots more channels on than normal TV ,you don't need WiFi either, but you do need a tv licence to use it,

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I've had freesat for nearly 5 years basic box I've got but the 4k box u can record but its nearly 200 i believe but only downside is u get more adverts but other than that its great and no bill got Netflix for extra movies as only a few channels for movies but really good google freesat boxes I got a humax make 1.

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We only kept the broadband and phone and got rid of sky TV altogether. Bought an Amazon Firestick and just use that for streaming. Got rid of the TV licence as don't watch live TV, no BBC whatsoever and no recording anything. We saved nearly £70 a month this way..
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