Someone mentioned noise restrictions for construction workers

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I am noise sensitive and I bought some noise canceling headphones. They do not play music they were the ones that they use for kids with autism for noise sensitive.

They are the best thing ever.

I use them when the gardeners come because the noise makes me nuts. And I use them at other times to take them on the metro or the subway or the tube.

They muffle the sound so I can think and function but I can still hear if someone needs to talk to me or if the doorbell rings it's just muffled and it is very pleasant.

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Try searching for 'flare' they do them that actually sit in your ear. They filter out annoying background noises but you can still hear people talking to you etc.

Theres also a brand called 'loop' who have different ones depending on your needs.

My son uses them as theyre small and discreet instead of the big ones

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Brilliant sounds good well not as bad as loud sounds anyway I wish they could find something for the smell of washing powder. Have a Quiet Christmas and a Healthier New Year.

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Which ones do you have. I suffer from Hyperacusis and tried some before. But they weren't any good.

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I do night shifts and days when it's particularly noisy I play rain noise as that distracts my brain.
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