Are there any laws about workmen working at weekends?

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.. ie noisy workmen having set hours they can't work on Saturday's and Sundays mirnungs and disturbing people.. ie can't work before 7am 8am.

Cant work until after 9am 10 am.

Any ideas.

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Not here in Edinburgh. Our bin men and their lorry can be heard as early as 4am due to tram works underway. Also, the tram works noise can be heard after midnight too.

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Not sure on the regulations however there may be instances where this is not applicable ie emergency repairs burst water main, gas leak ect.

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What I hate more is the radio played so loud wherever people are working why?? And delivery drivers, postmen all the same turn up in vans radio booming god really, I do nights & don’t even bother now to try & sleep during the day no point.

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I don't think chatting could be regulated for workmen, no more than it could for a few dog walkers walking together for example.

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I’m not sure any regulations would ban people from chatting to be honest and at this time of year most builders are under pressure to get work finished by Christmas so they are working long hours. If your local authority has any restrictions then it’s usually for the use of noisy machinery before about 8 am. However, those restrictions usually only apply to actual building sites so if it’s work being carried out in a neighbour’s house it would probably be difficult to get any restrictions enforced. A quiet and friendly word with them would be a better bet.

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Weekends 8am start on Saturday and 9am start on Sunday. I’m currently doing an extension on my garage so I looked into my local council rules for info. Maybe check with your local council it may vary from area to area.

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Depends on your area / council rules and if it’s official work or some guy just having work done.

8am is standard for work involving machines as rule of thumb.
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