I was going to make some soup with all the cheap veg..

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.. Do you need special freezer soup bags please or what are people’s cheapest go to suitable bags?


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Put the bag in a container such as a plastic takeaway container. When frozen, remove from the container and put in a good grade grip seal bag. It is much easier to stack that way.

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Flat flat flat and always MARK WHAT IT IS so many time I don't know what kind of broth it is or if is spag sauce or Chile sauce.

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I use Freezer zip lock bags from IKEA. They are a bit thicker so won’t split.

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I tend to use old milk and fresh soup containers - but anything plastic will do - just remember fluid expands when frozen so don't fill to very top.

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I use sand which bags with the press close tops. Best ones I found were the ikea sandwich bags. Make sure food is cold first. I freeze flat then put the contents written in the top of the bag and store upright, like a filing system with dates and contents on the top to easily see what I have.
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