Brussels, parsnips, carrots, are all 19p a bag at the moment in Lidl

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truly; It is worth considering.

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I got them for that price in Sainsbury's this morning, Tescos (clubcard ) price too..they did broccoli aswell which I didn't see in Sains so worth looking around! Great value, ideal for soups & stews etc so freezable, wasn't sure they'd do them anywhere this year or if they did they'd be 5 x the cost but no, bargain.. I got 1 bag of each before they changed their minds!

They're very weighty so if you know any elderly people maybe nice to drop some in for them save them trying to lug them home with rest of their shopping!

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Carrots looked ropey in our local store today, but not as bad as the sprouts …. they looked awful, going off already! 19p? No thanks

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In France we pay 2.49 per kilo for parsnips , 3.99 5kg of pots , sprouts 2.49 kilo cauliflower 3.45 plus a nice quality chicken over 30 euros . Food is cheap in the UK.

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Aldi also doing bags of potatoes same price. ‘I did read a tip, lady cuts all veg up, same size, doesn’t Blanche , then puts mixed bags into freezer , ready for pulling out for slow cooker . Then just adds meat , what a time saver.

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All the supermarkets are the same price for veg. Tesco are also doing Broccoli and Potatoes for 19p.

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I've never done it before but would it be OK to boil or steam the veg and then freeze them to last me over January?

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Mmm I brought some yesterday the Brussels was awful gone in bin the carrots was so hard I couldn't cut then hence the bin hope yours is better than mine was.

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just been to the farm got all my fruit and vegetables and they are cheap and better quality and they are very big.
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