What are some examples of books of BAD worldbuilding?

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Yes, you read that right.

I often read how important good worldbuiling is but it's a little vague to me until I read a book I find it's world having too many problems. I'm reading The Giver right now and although I like the idea of the plot, the world built around it is a bit problematic and leaves many questions.

On the other hand I could be totally missing the point but I'm halfway through the book and it doesn't jive with me, the character development is more difficult possibly due to the worldbuiling I'd assume. I know others love it. I'm no expert so I decided to ask you guys.

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Apart from writers you know how else do you choose a book to read? Other looking at first page &/or blurb? Bit of clue that's the hook.

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I read The Giver as a kid and loved it. I recently tried to read it with my son as a read aloud and we both hated it. My son is 13 and he said there isn't enough conflict in the first half and that was spot on to me. The pacing is sooo slow. It is an older book and it's a product of the time but definitely went in DNF. The world building was not as imaginative as it should have been, too, absolutely, because the premise had great potential.
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