I feel so stupid feeling this way. My son is 10 and he still believes

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I am feeling so sad today. I feel so stupid feeling  this way. My son is 10 and he still believes. It's so magical and I hate the fact it won't be like this next year as he starts high school next year and obviously we need to tell him the truth.

He is so excited  watching Norad and wanting to make cookies. Surely I can't be the only one feeling this way.

Trying so hard to not think of next year and make the most of this year but it's awful.

Thanks for reading..


Post by Kristin »

There's no rule that says you have to tell him? I would leave him be until he asks you honestly and tell him you either believe in the magic or you're part of the magic...and let him help you make magic for somene else, this takes the pressure off and you can enjoy this year's Christmas!

Post by Nadine »

Just don't tell him. I've never told my children and I wasn't told. And Christmas is still magical.

Post by Sarah »

We have never said the words out loud in our house. We still hang stockings, there is still a Christmas Eve box and we still leave a mince pie and a carrot out for Father Christmas and the reindeer.

Christmas in our house is about traditions and those things are traditions.

Our eldest said last week that while Christmas was magical when she was little, she loves spreading the magic now and making Christmas magical for other people.

Post by Jenny »

I don’t see why you have to tell them. It’s wasn’t a thing when I was younger, now all of a sudden there’s pressure to believe or not believe which takes the fun away in any case. Just say nothing they will work it out of course but I just say, everyone believes in different things and that’s ok, if you don’t believe you don’t receive 🤣, obviously if want to tell them then that’s equally ok, you do what right for you but I’m just going to carry on and say nothing, kids grow up so fast these days, I’m hanging onto the magic whilst I can

Post by Milly »

I am hearing this loud and clear too. Trying to make everything so perfect this year but there is this heavy feeling of sadness that it will never be quite so magical again. But I guess one day they will realise that all of this magic was pure mummy love, and that is pretty special.

Post by Kerry »

I've never told any of mine. My eldest is 28, has his own home and I still do him a Christmas eve box and stocking (as well as his girlfriend) my younger two (youngest 10) also don't believe anymore but not because I told them. They know it's not Santa, the elves etc but we still keep the magic alive. We all know we're all just pretending but don't care because we love it.

Post by Ness »

I remember knowing as a kid but you just never spoke about it and just enjoy Christmas. It is still exciting to think you will be waking to presents on Christmas morning and doing all the fun christmassy stuff. I don't think parents need to tell the kids unless they specifically asked at an age where they are old enough. just enjoy it for what it is and if they know they know, it's still exciting. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and even if they know Christmas is still exciting.

Post by Claire »

No need to tell them. They know when they know - but they still play the game and keep the magic alive. My kids are 22, 20 and almost 16 but I've never told them. We still have stockings and sacks ( there was an uproar a few years ago when I suggested not having them anymore). So don't feel like you have to tell them anything.

( We still look at the Santa tracker )

Post by Nicola »

My parents never explained to me and I never explained to my children (age 22 and 16), we still behave exactly the same, Santa comes whilst you sleep, stockings on doors and no one is allowed in the living room without parents.

The magic in Christmas exists keep it alive, it doesn’t have to be sad when they don’t believe anymore! Keep your family traditions, keep the magic/spirit of Xmas alive.
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