I’m looking for poem ideas!

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Lovely people, I’m looking for poem ideas!!

I’m going to give my old iPhone to my daughter for Xmas but it’s for when she goes out and needs to stay in touch. I don’t want her on it all the time.

So I was thinking of writing a little note to go with it, something like ‘I’m second hand but need a new home….’ Or is that really rubbish?

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Mine have had my old iPhones for birthday/xmas they know how much they cost new and that any they get will be second hand (I pay the £40ish to replace the battery when needed) - they have always been thrilled

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How about
I would really like it if you would have my old phone so i can see how well you look after it and then later i will look at maybe getting you a new one. This phone has been very special to me and this is why i would like you to have it now, all my love mum/ mummy xx

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Take this phone and use it well,

I pray it casts a happy spell,

I hope it brings you happiness,

This phone has done me very well.

I gift you this because I’m sure,

I've tested this myself before,

This phone is perfect just for you,

Turn it on and take a tour!

I trust you'll use it sparingly,

And spend your times here with me,

Not illuminated by the screen,

But smiling with your family!

I gift you this for when you're out,

Further than my voice can shout,

So, I can call and know you're safe,

Or text you every single day,

Just to say,

I love you more with with every day.

Post by Bev »

A phone just for you,
To keep in touch.
Look after it well,
Don't be on it too much.

It may be preloved,
But it still works great.
Please take it with you,
So, you're not home late.
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