Any tips on how to get children to be a be more speedy with eating!

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It takes my son so long to eat meals! He's 4. Tonight it's taken 1.5 hours to eat dinner (and he's still going!)

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My 11 Yr will beat any 'slow eating' hands down. It's painful but just not worth an argument, she's either finished by bedtime or not, depends if she wants pudding or not.

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My daughter used to take AGES to eat (I’m sure her food was cold!). I wanted to set a realistic time for her to have to eat, so I started by timing her to see how long it actually took. She asked what I was doing so I said I was timing hehe to see how quickly (but sensibly) she could eat her dinner. Well, that worked enough! Now everytime she starts taking ages we just say “right let’s see how long it takes you to eat the rest”. She stops talking and concentrated on eating!.

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I'd just let him eat. As frustrating as it might be for you, rushing him may create anxiety and create issues around eating and food. Some people are just slow eaters, patience and acceptance is key.

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I have a slow eater. We put her on a time limit and when it is up, it gets taken. We find otherwise she will eat over 2 or 3 hours and then we have the same issue at the next meal.

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My eldest is really slow, you can’t speed them up, everyone eats at their own pace.

If there’s nothing distracting him and he likes the food let him eat at his own pace.

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Let him enjoy the food at his own pace.
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