Anyone else's child go to bed and within five minutes complain they can't sleep?

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Have you experienced this before?

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Yes all the time especially when they know something is happening

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My youngest goes to bed, 2-3 minutes later he will come down and say he's had a nightmare and he can't get back to sleep so he will have to stay up.... he barely introduced his head to the pillow...

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What happens before they go to bed?

I have a 8 year old on sleep medication but the doctors have said there should be a good hour at least of “wind down” before you expect your child to go to sleep.

Ideally no tv, phone or tablet due to the light they emit confuses their brain into thinking it’s day time / sun light.

Red lights are good because they help the natural production of melatonin the sleep hormone.

We have a sleep spray even try a pound land one some times even if it doesn’t actually scientifically work it works as a placebo type thing.

Have a certain thing every night that will eventually signal to the brain okay now it bed. Something you only do at that time of day like read, or a hot chocolate xx

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Can't sleep mum, my eyes won't close, my brains to happy, urgh I'm starving, I need a drink, I need a wee, can we just cuddle it will help. The list is endless any excuse to stay up late.
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