Every year, a few days before Christmas, I have the same bad dream

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.. Falling asleep with the kids and not getting up again to 'let father Christmas in.' Then getting up together Christmas morning to a bare living room. Is it just me?

In reality I set my alarm just in case but I can't stop having this guilt ridden anxiety inducing bad dream! Has anyone actually massively cocked up in real life with this?

Post by Lisa »

No, I stress more every night in December over the sodding elves.

Post by Sue »

One year our three got up at about 3am, opened everything, stuck oranges in the Video recorder and generally wrecked the house, we were horrified and so upset we missed them opening everything. Worse Christmas ever.

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I always do it that the kids are asleep and settled then Santa comes I set everything up then go to bed.

Post by Christina »

I have a dream every year about 2 weeks before Christmas that I wake up and it’s Christmas morning and I haven’t done a single thing, no presents bought, no tree up etc. it’s stressful.
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