I have a 2.4kg turkey from ASDA, its been defrosting in the fridge now for 48 hours and is still covered in ice

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Do I need to worry? Should I take it out of the bag?

I don't want everyone to get food poisoning.

Post by Lisa »

Defo take out the fridge. My dad does this and never had food poisoning.

Post by Sophie »

Fill a large bucket with cold tap water and put the turkey in it, keep plastic cover on! It will defrost very quickly in water while still staying cold!

Post by Leanne »

Fill sauce pan or bucket if to big with cold water tomorrow if still not defrosted n put it in water it will be defrosted on few hours then put back in fridge DO NOT defrost in room temp it starts to go off from inside out n will make everyone sick, fridge or under water no other way.

Post by Kali »

Just get it out of the fridge. If the surface has ice the middle definitely does and just won't thaw fast enough in fridge.

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I defrost everything at room temperature on the kitchen side, I haven't killed anyone yet.

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Took my crown and other meat out of the freezer on Thursday put in fridge, then yesterday took out and put on side in kitchen defrosted and put back in fridge. Now gammon in slow cooker, crown in oven and the beef will go in slow cooker ....all cooked ready for tomorrow, will also be prepping the veg today also . So will not be stuck in kitchen all morning.

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Defrosting a turkey at room temperature is a recipe for food poisoning. Should always be defrosted in the fridge. If necessary finish off defrosting in the microwave on the day you are going to cook it.
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