My son has a phone for Christmas and I want to make him search the house for clues if possible

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I need help writing some clues from you clever lot please.

My son has a phone for Christmas and I want to make him search the house for clues if possible.

Was thinking places like:
  • Sock drawer
  • Shed
  • Washing basket
  • Car (maybe)
  • Teddies
  • Wardrobe
  • Xbox
Or any other general areas of a house ☺️

Then finally lead him back to Xmas tree where present will be

Post by Tatiana »

You put these things upon your feet, find where they live your gift you will meet ... (Sock drawer)

Your dirty clothes should be placed here, hurry up your oh so near .. (wash basket)

You get in me when you've places to go, I can go fast or I can go slow! .. (car)

There's no lion or witch but maybe you'll see, the gift that hasn't been put under the tree .. (wardrobe)

Post by Daisy »

Here you will find a spade and lawn mower, but am I in a place higher or lower? Shed

Today we aren't on a picnic but will we fins what you seek? Teddies

You use me to play games and chat with friends but am I where the trail ends? Xbox

Post by Becky »

Washing machine, bbq, fridge, pillow, shoe, laundry basket, welly, shower, printer, log burner can you tell I'm used to hiding clues for easter!?

Post by Sam »

I had a friend who did something similar her son would keep his bed room. tidy so clues meant he had to put thing back in there place he got phone and mum got him to tidy his room without him realising it :lol:
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