Have left stocking wrapping pressies late

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.. What’s the verdict can I put in stocking unwrapped or does it spoil the magic? Also only have wrapping paper the kids bought with me so wouldn’t that give it away?

Post by Charlotte »

Don't worry about it, I believed for years Santa had the exact same handwriting as my dad! And last year I accidentally left all the price stickers from B&M on the sticking fillers. Your kids probably won't even notice if you wrap them in what you have, they'll be too excited!

Post by Jane »

My parents never wrapped our stocking gifts & it was still wonderful delving into it to discover what Santa had given us.

Post by Lou »

If you have any brown paper from Amazon parcels, you could use that? Looks very traditional then? Failing that, ask on your local sites for any left over paper people might have?

Post by Emma »

I always wrap stockings. Santa uses the same paper as I do for each child (they have a different paper each) & the paper in the stockings tell them which gifts under the tree are theirs.

Post by Rachael »

Always wrapped stocking gifts. I'd be heading out for another roll of wrap, or failing that, being inventive with whatever paper I could find round the house. Stocking gifts are often small so a bit of A4 paper if you have some, with something Christmassy drawn on, might do it.

Post by Paula »

I wrap them to help keep the kids unwrapping for longer, otherwise their presents are opened in 5 mins! Especially nowadays where they’re older and their presents are smaller but more expensive!!

Post by Becky »

Always wrap them here, takes longer to go through it. We'll be doing ours this afternoon, in our bedroom with the door closed "don't come in here".

Post by Lesley »

I don’t wrap anything that goes in the stocking. Although my two don’t expect anything to be wrapped inside of it either. They enjoy there stockings. They usually get more hyped up over there new toothbrushes and toothpaste then anything else that is inside it.

Post by Jade »

I don’t wrap the ones in the stocking I just pop them in and get my daughter to close her eyes and put her hand in the bag as she’s pulling each thing out.
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