What are your best tips when it comes to making the Christmas Dinner?

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It's my turn to host the Christmas Dinner for family tomorrow and have decided to go with Turkey and Gammon as the meats.

Last time I hosted, I spent most of the day in the kitchen and felt so rude.

Post by Ron »

If you have the inlaws round, you are probably in the right place!

Post by Kim »

Cook the turkey today. Gammon can go in slow cooker. Prep all the veg and leave in salt water ready to be cooked tomorrow.

Post by Dani »

Definitely do your prep today, I'm doing Christmas Dinner for the first time this year and everything is ready to go, it's so much easier, you can then relax and enjoy your day.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Post by Heidi »

Today I have prepped thveh already/ turkey is prepped and in the fridge to go in the oven tomorrow morning

Beef in the slow cooker to be warmed through tomorrow (using the juices to make gravy later)

Pigs in blankets are done and in fridge ready to cook tomorrow. But they don't take long

Pre made Yorkshire puddings so take minutes to do

So all in all its a Sunday dinner so no drama

Post by Jennie »

Prep all veg today. I'm going to parboil potatoes and parsnips so tomorrow I just need to whack them in the oven. I've also just put my gammon on. Tomorrow I'm slow cooking my beef so won't spend too much time in the kitchen.

Post by Reay »

I cook all meat today, slice it then put in a tray on Christmas day with some gravy over it cover with tinfoil and warm it in the oven, prep is the key, I've parboiled my parsnips, carrots and roast potatoes, yorkies were made last week they're in the freezer ready to come out tomorrow. Starters are all prepared as are all desserts.

Post by Edward »

Do it all today, that's what we do... Cook meats, cool and slice up, prep all veg... Then all you need to do is get oven dishes, lay each individual meat in and cover with gravy, stick in oven to warm up, stick in roasties (tato's and veg) at the same time, get rest of veg on, sauces, etc.... Serve when ready!
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