Help needed for a very busy mum!

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Post by Guest »

Got 15 for dinner tomorrow. Can I prep the spuds by peeling them today and keeping them in water overnight? Would they still cook OK?

Post by Natasha »

Yes. You can even part cook them, store in fridge and finish the cook tomorrow.

Post by Diane »

I normally do my veg and spuds the night before and they are OK.

Post by Ali »

If they’re for roasting, par-cook them today then salt and fat them, cover and just stick in the oven tomorrow.

Post by Christopher »

Need a lid on saucepan and I pu some milk in to make water unclear or light will discolour spuds. If you're doing roast spuds, you could do them complete, let them cool cover put in fridge and re roast before use next day (recommended by Mary Berry I believe).

Post by Pamela »

Definitely, I also do pigs in blankets and the stuffing the night before. They just need to be reheated on the day.

Post by Sarah »

Yep, I do that with all veg and potatoes. I cook the turkey today too and then warm through in gravy tomorrow. Stuffing is part cooked today too then finished off tomorrow.

Post by Amy »

If you have fridge space, parboil them today, drain, put in a roasting tin/tub in the fridge and then just take them out and do the roasting tomorrow as normal. Only rule is you mustn't let them touch in the fridge but I don't know what happens if you do.
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