What time on Christmas eve do you give your kids their Christmas eve box/sack/crate?

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We visit other family tomorrow, have to wrap gifts, bathe the kids and go to mass at 6pm, then back home to watch something festive with hot chocolate, then bed for Santa. Trying to cram everything in, and be on cloud9 is gonna be tough...

So, it makes sense for us to give it to them in the morning.

Do most people give it at night?

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We do December boxes instead for this very reason. 1st December they get things like pjs, xmas books, xmas colouring / stickers etc. that way the pjs get worn more than once and they use the xmas bits in the run up. After xmas day the xmas eve box things aren't appealing in comparison and the stuff was getting wasted.

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On the basis of them getting enough Xmas day… I don’t.

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About 5pm tomo for me. We're going for breakfast with the grinch In the morning. Not watching a Christmas film tho, hoping to watch strange world on Disney.

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Because of this reason we do a Christmas box, given on the 1st December, Christmas pjs, advent calendars, Christmas cards for them to write, Christmas books that come out every year and occasionally get swapped as the kids have gotten older, and some Christmas crafts to do throughout the month.

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Our elves always go back to Santa on the 23rd night then leave their Xmas Eve box for them to open in the morning... it always has their reindeer dust in and bells which they use Xmas eve night. Anyone else relived that the elves are finished?!

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Morning, although I haven't left it out. It has pyjamas, face masks, chocolate coins, sweets, Christmas straws, hot choc, mugs, gingerbread dough and Christmas bingo. Finding it harder to know what to put in as they get older. Girls are 10 and 13 now and don't believe so reindeer food, Santa key and plate etc are obsolete!

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Anytime you like, as like the elf... this is not a thing 🤣 It’s just another job added to the endless list of new things to make our job harder

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I thought the point of the Christmas Eve box is to give the kids something fun to keep them busy on Christmas Eve, if you are already busy why do you need it?
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