My 2-year old had a stomach bug/flu two days ago and despite the symptoms are gone

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She's still eating quite limited/little. Also she's throwing the food she doesn't like on the floor, although we offer her a plate to put them in.

Just right now my husband and me had quite a fight because he talks to her like "You understand me well, if you do this again, there might be consequences... We don't throw food on the floor"

I feel like this doesn't lead anywhere, is just causing tension and I don't want this negative atmosphere at my dinner table.

Also I don't want her to throw food.

I know that she does it cause she's overwhelmed by the choice/her apetite isn't completely back yet, but often enough she doesn't throw her food just gives it back...

Any tipps on what to do? Am I right that talking to her this way is not a good idea?

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Also the low appetite after illness is so so common. Maybe don't serve her a full plate, keep it really small. If she eats it all, give her more.

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Hmm. It depends. What consequences is he talking about?

Also, it depends on tone. If he said that in kind/neutral tone, I wouldn't be worried. It's okay to tell your kids not to throw their food.

But if he's using a really stern or loud tone, then yeah it's probably not helpful. She's 2, 2 year Olds throw food sometime. It's definitely something to discourage but I wouldn't "punish" her for it.

It's so hard with picky eaters because with normal eaters you would say "you threw your food, you must be done, the meal is over" and you take their plate. But with picky eaters we usually want them to eat more.

Tricky tricky.
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