Are you willing to read my book?


Are you willing to read my book?

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Hey! I wanted to ask everyone if there might be a few people willing to read my book I wrote when I was sixteen and help me figure out what needs changed?

I love the story and I really believe there’s potential there with the story and I even have a series planned out for it, but there’s really cringy chapters [ basically all of it ] and a VERY questionable racy chapter that I feel like I could handle SO much better than I did, but I have a really hard time focusing and not the best knowledge of things so if I could have someone help me figure out what to fix and not fix it would be great!

I don’t have any money sadly,so I have to ask this of you as a huge favor, and maybe it can be like a fun group thing? Im not sure, but you would definetly be credited for your help in the story! I just know that right now it’s a cringy- not very well written mess and and I really need outside opinions that are willing to give proper feedback [ as long as you aren’t rude about it I don’t mind, I know it’s a disaster story right now, but I know it can definetly be improved ]

So, anyway, if anyone is up for it just for the fun, or the experience, or the credit in the book, I would be down! I don’t really know how to do this stuff and I’m awful with people but I figured asking one of the groups I’m in- someone might find joy in helping someone out! I want this book to be good and there’s still a few chapters left of it but I don’t want to write them until I’m sure the book is decent. Love you all, thank you 💕
KJ ~

Re: Are you willing to read my book?

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I don’t have the time to edit a whole book but if you want to put the first 3-4 paragraphs here I’ll share my thoughts.

Re: Are you willing to read my book?

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Ah... pardon me for being blunt, but almost every writer has a wip, work in process.

Re: Are you willing to read my book?

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You’re not finishing the creative process by asking for feedback on an entire book until you’ve made the first draft as perfect as you can make it yourself. Self-editing is where any book gets transformed from a mess into something that’s worthy of someone else’s skills and time.

Re: Are you willing to read my book?

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I would suggest you first revise each chapter yourself as it’s an older piece of work, and then find a couple of critique partners to go through chapters with you.

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