My 2 year old sometimes isn’t interested in eating or sitting at the table doesn’t last long

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I usually end up following her around trying to get her to take a bite and this typically works and we get a meal in.

I do this because she’s in the 1 percentile of weight and I feel I need to make sure she’s getting food- However, I don’t feel like this is practical in the long run and I have a baby due soon and I’m not sure I can keep up.

Any thoughts?

I worry all the time when she doesn’t want to eat.

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On the go babies.

Leave a plate of food on the couch and a container of food on the tv cabinet. They like to eat absent minded. I'm not a table eater myself, I like eating on the couch. My kids eat together at the table but if they are alone, they eat on the lounge room floor.

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If you are chasing her around, then how long does a meal take? She needs several hours between meals/snacks to feel hunger, so I wouldn't continue to feed her this way. If she doesn't like to sit, maybe put her plate at her toddler table instead of the main table?
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