My dog was bit at the dog park today

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Took him to the vet and he got the wound flushed and 8 staples. He was given an injection of Buprenorphine. We are now home and he seems restless and keeps whining. Has anyone else had their dog react this way to this drug?

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Buprenorphine provides mild to moderate analgesia (pain relief), it’s not something I’d usually use on its own but I could see why they’d choose it. The whining & restlessness may be that his pain relief has worn off (it usually lasts about 6 hours) or that it isn’t providing enough pain relief and he needs something stronger.

I also wouldn’t worry about the staples, they look harsh but I’ve seen nurses accidentally stapled and they say it doesn’t hurt.

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Dog parks should be avoided imo too many issues at em.

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A more uncommon side effect in dogs is restlessness/agitation.

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I would also whine with the pain!

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Get back to the vet and if the dog keeps whining & is restless and doesn't settle, regardless of what is said, take the dog in.

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Holy smokes 8 staples!? That sounds painful. Hoping your fur baby gets better soon.
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