My pup is being treated for a suspected fungal infection with antibiotics and anti fungal pills

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I’ve tried pill pockets, peanut butter and cheese. He just hates them and he’s the kind of dog that will take pills just thrown in with his kibble.

He also vomits once a day and has very soft stools since starting the pills.

Acts normal otherwise.

I have a non urgent call out to the vet but likely won’t hear from him until tomorrow.

Any suggestions to help settle his tummy and get him to take his meds?

I did give him plain chicken and rice a couple days in a row, only times he’s vomited undigested food.

At a loss..

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Pumpkin is amazing for gi upset. My pup got ibs and cause alot gi upset and pumkin is only thing that helps. I also would ask them tomorrow for some anti nausea meds. Do not crush pills with out asking if it can be crushed some are time released and can't be crushed. If he having alot loose stools watch that because it can cause dehydration.

I will give my pup home made pup popicals and ice chips to help make sure he stay hydrated. Also ask your vet but mine allows me to give my pup Gatorade or some kinda pedalight I spelled that wrong to help with hydration.. they also can give a shot of liquid if it get bad. The anti fungal pills taste like shit they have a very nasty taste if your tounge hit it. Maybe try wrapping in hotdogs or peice of chicken? If u can put it down his throat it would be better so he can't taste it. I never could do that though.

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Ask your vet about Cerenia for nausea or pepcid. I have had dogs on antibiotics and they tend to make them nauseous and then they don’t want to take them. Try canned pate dog food. You can hide the pill well and always give a couple freebees so they get a reward for taking the pill.

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I mix any meds for my dogs in Beechnut Turkey baby food. They get it down every time.

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I make a batch of meatballs, either ground turkey or lean ground beef. It is the only way my dog will take her heart meds.

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Rice and boiled chicken is great and easy on the tummy. You have to boil the chicken to get all the fat off to not upset the stomach even more. Plain canned Pumpkin can also help settle an upset stomach.
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