Has anyone used CBD on their dog for arthritis/hip pain?

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I have a 9 year old husky/border collie mix, as of late he’s started shaking and seems to have pain in his hips. I was given pain medication from the vet but before I take him for an X-ray (to further diagnose) I was recommended to try cbd for dogs.

Has anyone used CBD on their dog for arthritis/hip pain?

Would love to hear how it worked/dosages etc.


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How is the pain medication working? Personally, I would focus on first using meds to get the pain under control, then maybe adding CBD to help keep it under control while bringing meds down to a minimum. And I'd proceed with the x-ray asap. A few years back we (my vet and I) made the assumption that my 10 year old dog was dealing with arthritis - turned out to be a torn CCL. Thankfully her diagnosis wasn't delayed for too long, but it could have been if we'd continued along the same path.

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Cbd for pets, will have the dosage amount written on the bottle, because each potency will be different.

I get mine from the pet store.

And I would atleast get the X-rays FIRST so you know what you’re dealing with and then start tackling the solutions.

There’s supplements for dogs aimed at hips & joints, and take a bit to start working, so I’d get some of those first, as well as

Green lipped mussel powder for omega 3’s(it’s way cheaper and more potent than fish oil)

I’ll attach a picture of the joint supplements I use…

I have three dogs, and the supplement in the midddle has tumeric, so after a few months I like to switch to the other one a few months then switch back again.

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