I need tips on getting my dog who has never used a potty pad to use one

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I'm not sure where else to ask this. I hope this is allowed, it is kind of health related.

I need tips on getting my dog who has never used a potty pad to use one. Like most places right now we are having below zero temperatures with extreme wind chills. I have an older beagle mix who is not doing well in it.

Every time we let him out to potty he ends up collapsing from the cold and we have to carry him in and warm him up. He has a parka and snow boots that have always worked great in the past but with these extreme conditions and his age they aren't helping at all.

We decided to lay newspaper down next to our cats litterbox in hopes he would go there eventually if we didn't let him out. He ended up holding it for over 24 hours until his stomach was super swollen, he was shaking and we were forced to let him out again.

I'm seriously terrified to let him out because of the way it effects him but I also don't want him getting an infection or anything either from holding it too long. Please any tips would be much appreciated.

We've tried taking him to the newspaper and telling him to potty there anytime he goes to the door but he's just not getting it and who can blame him since he's always got in trouble for going in the house.

He doesn't understand why it's now OK and the poor boy is just trying to do what he thinks is right, what he's been trained to do.

Thanks for any help I can get with this.

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How about getting some outdoor heaters for wen he’s out.

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If you have a tarp you may be able to block some of the wind which could help. Our dogs are only going out for a couple of minutea at a time. Most of them won't wear boots. The doggo with boots handles it a lot better. The others come running once their paws get cold but they'll tough it out if they realpy need to go.

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Take some of your pet urine and dab onto a potty pad and let your pet smell it when it’s about time for he/she to pee. This is how I train my pet to pee in different in-door places. Hope it help u too.

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Take some of his pee and put it on puppy pad. If he is used to walking put him on leash walk him around house and to puppy pad. My dog collapsed and did same. I put his pad in bathroom but some do by front door where they go to go out.

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Buy real pet grass patches and place indoors near the door he uses to go out. I don’t think I can say brand name here but google it. Fresh grass comes in a box with a liner. You can schedule replacement orders as you see fit. This will get your pup used to going in the house and of course reward when he uses it. This is pricey but an authentic choice. Later, you can decide if you want to switch to artificial grass or pee pads once he knows it’s ok to pee in the house. You may need to rub a “sample” on the grass or pee pad for encouragement. Good luck! Don’t forget the rewards! You can start by rewarding just for stepping on the grass patch.

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I use a puppy pad with the scent. Bigger ones and out it by the door where my dog goes outside. Best of luck!
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