My cat hasn’t been doing well lately and I’m really worried she might have cancer

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She’s not eating, she lost a lot of weight, her belly fills hard and lumpy on the sides under her ribs, she hasn’t been using her litterbox, her fur feels coarse and for a couple days she’s been throwing up brown stuff that almost looks like diarrhea.

Please give me advice or help or anything, she’s my baby.

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I would seek a vet asap.

Cats that do not eat will develope liver issues and without a professional evaluation you will not know what is wrong or how to alleviate pain

So, full blood tests: CBC, chemistry and SPECfPL. Abdominal x-ray to look for fluid accumulation or blockage.

Please do not wait - this is an emergency.

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Needs a vet - could be pancreatitis but you need a vet!
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