I have just purchased this tired looking beach house and I see huge potential in making it the Hamptons style I love

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I'm thinking coastal Hamptons but not sure how it differs from traditional Hamptons? the home has the original floorboards.

Any ideas?

I am a bit overwhelmed with ideas.

For the facade I'm thinking vivid white fascia and window trims and tranquil retreat for the boards.

On the bottom of the house do I paint that white or monument like the roof?

How would Hamptons coastal differ from traditional Hamptons inside?

Do I choose a light or dark stain for the floorboards?

I would like to paint the exterior same colours in the example photos attached.

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Lighter colour timber flooring is more suitable for coastal Hamptons look.

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Congratulations! Please keep us updated as you go along your renovation journey!

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If you leave the bottom dark it blends in better. White will get dirty with garden and dust too, especially with mowing and whippersnippering.

Lovely house, by the way, very nice indeed.

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