How can I pick the right person/company to help me?

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Thanks to all those who took the time to answer my questions on how long I should give for my SEO strategy to see rankings. The majority of you said 6-12months. I should have also asked, how much should I pay someone to help me achieve this and what do services look like? I’ve patched together my own strategy from different information over time. And I share it in this YouTube video with you to answer the questions people asked me in the last post. (Its 35mins to answer all your questions, I don't expect you to watch it. But the answers are there if you are serious about working with me) But I’ve never had an experienced person with real plan help. With so many varied responses and with no guarantees I will rank. How can I pick the right person/company to help me? I would think it would not be fun to waste a year and get no results. I’m serious about it, but not sure exactly how to go about it. Then I found this group. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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No offense - but your website - I gonna be very upfront and honest with you - just throw it in the bin and start again.

The structure of the site and the search function is just wrong on so many levels.

This is coming from someone who has worked for 2 of the biggest real estate portals in Australia - also I dont have anything to sell you, so basically just wanna save you some heartache.

Real estate SEO is completely different - and structure and UX of the website is the most important. That exp realty site you copied is an extremely poor example of a realty website - but its likely too big of a problem to deal with and fix for them.

You'll have better luck with a $30 wordpress real estate theme from codecanyon than what u currently got.

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Jason, I have seen your complete video first I thought it was some clickbait kinda post but after reading your comment I decided to watch it. Just finished watching the thing that makes me more interested is I also started a real estate website last year and now it's performing almost top 3 for all major keywords. But for that even before starting my website, I built up a complete strategy that took almost 6 months just to plan what needs to be done to outrank competitors. But once the strategy was complete and I started the results were amazing. I got almost 250+ leads in the last 6 months only. My top competitors have around 8million+ backlinks I only have 25. I worked 90% only on-page and off-page just basics like social pages and required basic citation and GMB that’s all. Anyways here are a few things I found by watching your video, I didn’t dive into your website for now but by watching your video I got enough to figure out some issues.

1- You made a lot of pages for almost every area and property type but I don’t see any relevance build-up for the main page you are trying to rank for. You put a huge effort into making pages with loads of information with some basic interlinking. You never mentioned your content strategy. You are ranking for some keywords but did you really make a strategy to outrank those or was it just random rankings? I am not judging but your video, it gives me a feeling you are just monitoring keywords and positions but not diving deep into the content thing. But again this is just my understanding from watching your video. Correct me if I am wrong

2- I spent half of my time on Google Analytics and Google manual searches to research competitors and compare my results not just relying on one tool in your case ( Hike ) I know it's integrated with others but still, live results are something else. Again how are you exactly getting traffic did you try to reverse engineer the ranking pages so you could apply the same to others? Because I saw in your video you are ranking for some keywords and you mentioned you are getting a fair amount of leads as well so have you tried doing reverse engineering to the ranking ones as a case study?

3- How are your users interacting what’s the flow have you tried to analyze that as well? Because that’s where you know for thin content on your website that needs improvement.

4- The main website you are trying to rank for you made a competition yourself by making others and you make the child ones much stronger in the content I don’t understand why you did that and expected your main page to be ranked against that when you made the competition yourself.

5- The backlinks you mentioned were organic mostly. I got the same ones they are just bot made for real estate like renter real estate apartments ( all dot coms ) they fetch global data and put your listing there and you get a referral from there it's common in real estate websites.

6- How are you taking advantage of already ranked pages did you try to enforce others from those pages so the low-ranking ones can get some traffic or do you just let those up and running?

7- I don’t see any query-based content on your site again and on page issue but as I said I always believe 90% on-page so just wondering if you tried featured snippets stealing for your competitors or not.

Jason, I can go furthermore but I think you get the idea. I found many other issues which I didn’t mention to not make this post boring 😃 It's better to discuss on call if possible.
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