What was the weirdest name you gave to any of your character?

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What was the weirdest name you gave to any of your character?

Mines is arish

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Bob, he's the only one with a normal name in the book and he often gets made fun of because of it. He was named after his grandpa, who lived pre-apocalypse. My others have names like Scannini, Cielial, Raziel, Nabus, Keller

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I use a mix of names. Some normal like "Claudia" and "Will", others unique like "Odderly" and "Haverstagg", and then others which reflect their own cultures in my world such as "Maalzuza" and "Kokuatep". I don't really name them though, I just start writing and when I get to a new character they tell me what their name is.

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Fatatateetatitubahtahteeohta- the name started out much shorter but grew longer the first 12 letters with the name of a slave character in the play Caesar and Cleopatra, one of my favorite plays in the world, and the next 12 or so letters are the name of a slave character in the play The Crucible. Identify those at a time as the name is the name grew. Find I decided it was long enough

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What a coincidence… i thought of Ashar, which in my country’s language and spelled asar, means an annoying person… someone who always irritates people

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In the good weather I’ll walk in the cemetery and look at grave stones for peoples names.

I’ve found a number of very unique ones that I’ve then used in my writings. I’ll mix and match up first and last names, but I still feel, in a way, I’m giving life back to these individuals

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Charles Tovim. The Herbrew word Tov means good. The most common Hebrew equivalent of Charles would be Chaim which means life (lives). So in essence I named the character Good Lives.

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Mine are usually based on their meaning. I'll have to say Urswick since it has none. It has only been used by one other author, Shakespeare. Guess I'm in good company.

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Braxton Hicks. (The women are more likely to get this) Even his mother said he was a pain before he was born.

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I once wrote a story in which the heroine had a speech defect, and was known as 'Lisping Lissa'. Her arch enemy was 'Sybilant-rich S'saskiss'

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Ull Buachaill. In Irish, it means "apple boy." It was the name I gave to a fae side character.

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