Need suggestions on a mid grey to paint my house

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.. Roof and gutters are woodland grey. Fascia, eves and veranda posts are whisper white. I would like a grey not to dark but dark enough to see it’s a nice light to mid grey.

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Dulux tranquil retreat is a nice light grey and Dulux timeless grey is a nice medium grey colour with out it being too dark.

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We’re painting ours Aerobus (a blue grey) with Miller Mood (1/4 of Aerobus) as the roof colour, Vivid White for gutters etc. Chanson is half Aerobus if that helps, all Dulux.

I highly recommend painting very large (A3 size) swatches on the wall with the roof colour beside so you can see them together. Then look at them over a few days / week in different light etc. Hope this helps!

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With woodland grey and white I’d be using a warm grey/beige not too cool with the tone- imoo.

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