I've are having our interior painted in the morning and I am still undecided about a color

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Is anyone still awake? I need help.


I've are having our interior painted in the morning and I am still undecided about a color.

An interior decorator told me a few years ago that BM Maritime white would be classic.

I am definately looking for a neutral color pallette. I also like SW crisp linen. They are both warm. We have acacia flooring throughout our home.

Our kitchen cabinets are BM Indian River.

I think I want all of our home to be the same to feel serene as I stay home. Also I can change decor alot easier. We are also having the trim painted gloss white.

Will this be too much.

Our foyer is 18 feet and we have cathedral ceilings in our main living area. I love SW seasalt for bathrooms.

Please help asap. It's crunch time. I have read that you need to use a certain temperature color for north facing windows.

Thanks in advance.

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That all sounds very complicated. I just picked a white off a little card when we spent one day picking all our selections for our build. We have Lexicon quarter walls and vivid white trims.

(And it’s only 5-6pm in Australia so we’re all up).

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Lexicon has a grey undertone. Sounds like you need something with a yellow undertone. Do you have time to go back to the paint shop and ask there. I’ve often found them to be the most knowledgeable and helpful (especially if you don’t have time to pain samples).

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I also have lexicon 1/4 with vivid white trim. Clean and classic.

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Dulux natural white is the perfect white for those who don’t want to risk a blue (cold) undertone in low light (or pink, yellow or green. Almost every white has one of these undertones. It's a safe colour and one of the most popular due to this.

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Our walls are Lexicon Quarter, with Vivid White trim, Aquaenamel semi gloss. We love them.

Best advice is to paint large swatches of the colours you’re considering on the brightest most looked at wall in the most used room and live with and watch the colours over days / a week. It really depends on what the natural light is like in your home - ours is really yellow and I hate cream so opted for something with a black base so it doesn’t look cream in the morning light.

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Go to Dulux home page and click on whites. It gives info on cool whites and warm whites. I used white on white (a cool white) in my whole house. Lots of windows and high ceiings.

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