Thinking of getting a Balsam Hill Xmas Tree

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Those who have one can u tell me if one light doesn't work do they all not work?

What are everyone's favourite tree type?


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Can anyone tell me please, with the Balsam Hills prelit how are the lights wired through the tree? I recently purchased a Jingle Jolly tree and the lights are zip tied to the branches and it’s a mess. I could have bought a plain tree and added lights better myself. Thank you.

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I love mine! I'm not sure which one it is but my balsam tree is awesome! This is my fifth year with it. On the second year I noticed the top half of prelit tree lights weren’t working. I contacted Balsam hill and they sent me lights to use for that year and sent me the new second piece of my tree the following November. No issues since.

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I’ve had Balsam Hill’s Monterey Pine (unlit) for 4 years. It is spectacular & often mistaken for a real tree. I decided to get the unlit version as I was worried about potential issues with the lights. I purchased a long string of white lights in the post-Christmas sales instead. They’re very easy to hang & give the same effect. Couldn’t be happier with this combo.

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I have the pre-lit balsam fir. This is my third year with it and I deliberated for a few years before that. I love it. I am so glad I got it.

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I purchased a 9ft frosted Fraser fir, prelit in November this year. I had been looking at them for years and the discount was good. I didn't really want prelit but that's all that was available. I figured I could add my own lights, which I will do next year because they don't twinkle. They just stay on. The tree is lovely, but bigger than my other 9ft tree so my angels wings touch my 9ft 6" ceiling.

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We bought a jingle jolly and it’s amazing.

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Can I please recommend you find a Facebook page called Balsam Hill Complaints to be informed.

I nearly purchased one last year but had concerns given the price and inability to view before purchasing.

The kicker for me was that most people buy when the trees are on some sort of sale… but a lot of reviews and feedback seemed to indicate that their sale items are not covered by warranty.

I decided to go with a Triumph tree and I am super happy with it.

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