Roofing advice is desperately needed

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I am trying to turn my 80's house into a more Hamptons style. This is what the draftsman suggested for the roof but I'm not 100% convinced (Note: we have NOT even started on styling the roof, windows, colors or facade yet), this is a basic idea to decide on the roof line.

Are there any other options you can think of to make the roof more Hamptons?

Would love any ideas.

Post by Glen »

Instead of the three small gables roofs in the centre section I would only have one, but make it wider and higher and put a decorative gable vent in it.

Post by Melinda »

I love the dark roof, I’d just go render the bricks a light colour to start.

Post by Sarah »

Leave the roof dark, to match window frames & garage - could also update front door to a darker colour to to tie it all in. I don’t like the light roof it’s too much and imagine it would need cleaning every few years which isn’t cheap either.

Post by Danielle »

I would go for something more like this.


Post by Kate »

An easy start could be to just render the bricks and change the front door, do the colour scheme how you’d like for a more hamptons - modern hamptons - vibe and you might be happy with that?

Would save a lot of money doing a purely cosmetic makeover?

Add hamptons wall lights etc but leave the structure as-is … it could really work!

I’ve made this collage of pics to show you the vibe I mean … modern hamptons …


Post by Tamika »

I would only to the pitch over the extension and the garage. Leave the second storey roof flat.

Post by Fleur »

If you put a pitch over the front door you would loose the window on the second floor above. I think I would leave the second story roof straight as is without all the peaks - it would save money too.
Good luck with your decisions.

Post by Debra »

I think the roof has too many up and downs first glance looks a a huge “M” maybe one peak like the forward room, the windows don’t suit, I don’t think they are Hampton but your colour tones are lovely.

Post by Ann »

The roof is lovely but i think the door and windows are throwing it off a bit for me as they are not Hamptons style like the roof and the rest of the facade. I love your colours for the roof.

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