We are currently getting our house interiors repainted. What is the normal way that is done by any professional painters

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Hi, Looking for some help.

We are currently getting our house interiors repainted. What is the normal way that is done by any professional painters?

We are feeling the painter is cutting corners with prep work and just saying it’s a old house so we will see the cracks and stuff and the paint can’t be as good as new builds!

He says he has already finished the ceiling and cornices, but can see a lot of unevenness. And was told that cornices are always that way, can’t be done properly.

We are feeling he is just making excuses. How can we make sure he is doing the work right way!?

Thanks in advance.

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We kept pushing on prep. We said not to paint until we approved the prep. It took them longer than expected and we offered more money for the job to be done to the standard we were after. They were a mid-range quote so we were happy to offer more to get it done really well.

If it is an issue for them or you get a lot of excuses or push-back, stop the job and get someone else.

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If you have an old house with original plaster, doors etc. It's never gonna look like a new build unless you do a complete reno. Is the uneven finish in an area that the new paint colour is lighter than the previous one. Cornices can be annoying to kill say a cream if you are going back to a vivid white. The coverage on vivid white isn't the best and will normally need 3 coats.

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I'd stop the work and get another painter in to at least see what they say.. You can check if they are licensed online..make sure they are licensed for the State they work in ( many aren't), and don't pay cash unless you get an invoice...keep the paper trail. So many tradies are so dodgy. I can post the link for NSW tradies if that helps.

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Agree with previous post. Would want it better than that, and would expect a professional to sort it out so it looks perfect. I’m astonished at times at the things people say their builder says- it’s not a new house, so it’s crooked or uneven- as if there’s nothing that can fix it. Frustrating - would be politely discussing what they will do to make it look up to standard…

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I have an old house and the cornice looks perfect after they sanded and painted. They just need to do more prep work.

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