How much is asbestos tipping fee?

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How much is asbestos tipping fee? I’m told 600 plus gst for a tonne. I’m in Sydney.

If you have seen my earlier post you’d know the longer version of this story, just going on site, and I need to be aware of these, it is a nightmare being a woman dealing with men in construction.

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Meant to say the Tip up at Terrey Hills ( or near there) is either free or cheapest...can't remember the details now looked it up 🙂....its called Kimbricki at Terrey Hills.. give them a call

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Just read your earLier post. Get another person to do the job. In no way should someone be swearing at you in the course of your and their work. I’ve had real testy arguments with trades and we’ve never sworn at each other and if one of them had, I’d be shoving them out the door and cancelling all work and contracts, and not paying anything else.

If you’re in central Vic let me know. I have an excellent and affordable asbestos removal person I can recommend.

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As someone who works in waste, if you have more than the min the council will take, you likely need an ABN so that said your builder needs to be part of the disposal as their business needs to be connected to the waste they are removing/ working on than a person without a license to manage it due to the danger/ legalities..

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Our local refuse centre takes it for free as long as it is wrapped in builders plastic (found in bunnings).

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Call up the dump and ask

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