To renovate or move?

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Currently rattling around, solo in a well built, double brick throughout, 1970’s, 4 bedroom house. With the cost of utilities only going up I’m really questioning my plans of renovating and staying.

I bought it for a song and LOVE the area (country Vic about an hr from Melbs). Considering stamp duty, weird market, interest rates, moving costs…

What do I do? I’ve confused myself in circles.

Would love opinions!


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I say go for it! Double brick is rare these days and if your house has great bones a reno might be the way to go 😊 I would have loved to have done a reno on ours, but it was to costly so we went a knock down rebuild instead

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As a single woman in her 60’s I see enormous benefits in renovating to reconfigure these large houses into two apartments. If well designed you can have privacy and an income….not to mention contributing to solving the current housing crisis. AND you get to stay!!

Win, win, win.

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Given it costs less to buy than to renovate post covid, is it possible to sell and move into something smaller to absorb the cost of move? Given these things are also governed by emotion, if you love the place and can delay reno a bit until the dust settles and reconsider mid-end next year?

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If you love the area and you can afford to renovate I’d say go that way.
Selling and buying as you said has a lot of fees.

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