If I said the design brief was ‘Australian Hamptons’ what design ideas/colour/cues/motifs would come to mind?

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I’m trying to find the right words to describe my design brief and I’m hoping a blind survey from such wonderful folk as yourselves will confirm it for me!


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Images might help you describe what you're after - pick a few and describe what you like about them. That should be enough to help a designer understand what you're thinking.

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I’m confused by the “Australian” bit. Hamptons is a style inspired by “The Hamptons” area in Long Island In America. It is casual coastal style, normally bright with lots of white and blues. Lots of natural light. What specifically are you meaning by the Australian element?

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Cape Cod or Plantation resembles the simplicity of Hamptons but with more warmth, some colour and wood tones. I'd say I want a mix of those 3 styles, with some 'Australian' features: native flora & fauna motifs, pale grey, sage, yellow, blue/green accents.

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Keep your furniture white then add the Australian native for colour. Cushions prints native animal prints or ornaments.

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When I hear “Australian Hampton “ I think of those missive old Queenslander homes with the big veranda around the outside , which have been restored to white and grey tones .. no so much the navy blues like the traditional “American Hamptons “

I think the Hamptons style has more to do with the space than the colouring

Open plans , big windows , great outdoor spaces , great designs in kitchens.

I think the Hamptons look has evolved a bit since becoming popular..

I’d try to be more specific in the details that you want , instead of trying to fit it into a style

Is the brief for you to present to a client or for you to give to a planner for your own build ?

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Coastal luxe is usually more appropriate than Hamptons here. But there are key features of Hamptons that you may like that will tilt it over to true Hamptons. Like Port hole windows.

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The Three Birds do something like that...too many people copy the style rather slavishly but it could be made more personal.

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